Accueil Phototrichogramme

Hair cycle studies with the phototrichogram

Careful scalp preparation improves the quality of the images.

Recording and analysis of the dynamics of growth, measuring precisely hair shedding and evaluating the potential for hair maintenance and regrowth …

… are critical steps for guiding the management plan of a hair care programme.



Expert opinions on this method

« the Accuracy, Sensitivity, Reproducibility, Repeatability of the CE-PTG method including the results obtained with and without the exogen collection method were checked in detail and the methods for acquiring images through to editing the results were found to be appropriate and well documented ».

Hugh Rushton , London (UK), 2005

« I would greatly apreciate copies of your innovative and fascinating works on hair cyling.
 Your findings will upset everybody who thought they knew everything about hair cycles. »

Prof. Albert Kligman, Philadelphia (USA), 2005

« Your research is truly unique and is great because it is immediately clinically relevant. »

Dr. George Cotsarelis, Philadelphia (USA),  2006