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Minimally Invasive Transplantation Techniques (MITT)

In Brussels, a hair transplantation clinic completes our services to those who care about balding. Minimally invasive transplantation techniques (MITT) are routinely used for hair restoration in androgenetic alopecia. Some people consider that common baldness is not a disease, this should not mean that there is no cure! Nowadays MITT guarantees long-lasting natural looking hair and definitive regrowth without visible scarring.

Three steps can be described brifly for such transplantation procedures:
  • Microsampling of follicular units (1)
  • Microscopic quality control (2)
  • Transplantation of complete units i.e. reimplantation at the right level of stem cells and dermal papilla into the recipient site (3)

At the Brussels’ Hair Clinic, MITT is provided as a service by specially trained and qualified physicians.

Micro-sampling performed during the MITT procedure means a significant progress for the conservation of the quality of the donor site as it leaves no visible scarring; a significant progress when subjects notice a donor-site scar after classical strip sampling (two cases below).


Microtransplants generate a natural looking frontal hairline.
The visibility of both sampling site and recipient site fades very rapidly as shown here (from left to right) 3 days after surgery, one week later (10 days post-surgery) and six months later

Procedures requiring less than 1500 grafted hairs, needs clipping of hair from a relatively small area. Combing over with surrounding hair hides the donor site shown immediately after hair follicle sampling

While in the early days of scalp hair transplantation resulted in an unnatural look of transplanted hair, nowadays the trend is very soft. This was coined during an academic lecture delivered by D. Van Neste in 2006 at the Lille University : « What seems remarkable to-day for a hair transplant is that it must remain un-remarkabe ! »

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